The first sign of the heavenly body here on earth is a wonderful thing--the New Jerusalem here right now. Soon you will see that all things are profitable in the seen and the unseen. Oh yes--- we move like a pendulum sometimes, because we are not seeing the kingdom and then start to judge some things or anything by appearances, but soon we will see that where ever we are -- it is heaven.

All things are necessary!

You were never really losing focus you just lost site of the fact that you could never be
anywhere else. You are in the realms of heaven-- where process, the seen and the unseen are one and are pounding as the heart of a vast body. We no longer fear where we are or where we will go because we can only go where we must and we will. This is life everlasting-- there is no hurry to move out or in, but we go out and in knowing that all things are pure.  God is in the whirlwind there is nothing to fear.

We are placed in time to see that time is really just eternity slowed down to the point of visibility, but it is still eternity. God's work is done and everything you will do is already done. That does not mean that you have already experienced everything, but you will want nothing when you start to see that God is already in the place we will be 2-trillion years from now and every step from here to there is laid out for you. We can not help it or hinder it--it is flowing--it does not take special recognition or a specific work --it is unfolding.

The inspiration of the Almighty is causing the eyes of the blind to see that we will never stop experiencing revelation and wonder of the unlimited Father. How long could we think that we will one day stop and rest. We use to think that heaven was somewhere you go and many still think that. They believe they will walk up and down on the streets and blow horns and play harps. How long do you think that you could do that? One day? Maybe two? I WONDER SOME TIMES.

This is heaven.

Heaven is seeing that we can go no where else. We are spirit right now and there is nothing this flesh can do to hinder the spirit, it just thinks it can.

I remember the Father showing me in a vision one day what heaven really was. He showed me a large beautiful wave flowing and moving with wondrous power going everywhere without a point of reference. Now I could not focus on a specific point of the wave it just was flowing in a vast glorious beauty. It was wonderful to say the least. When I turned to speak to him after the vision I saw that this place was somewhere I wanted to go and he turned me back and said--My son you have always been there. I then learned that heaven is not a place, but life is heaven when all you see is God. We have always been walking on the streets of gold--that is where the fire of the chariots wheels burn away the unbelief. The gold represents our whole life brought into manifestation by its trials and sufferings and then finally when we look up we find that we are the jewels refined and formed. Even though our eyes have been on the pavement we were never outside the gates. Yes this is where we are right now--the streets of gold are only a place where we look occasionally but it is still heaven.

Your friend Michael Nevins