The Great Thawing

In the daytime, when the sun was high in the heaven, it thawed, but at night it froze again.  Day after day the long weeks stretched in a never-ending process of thawing and freezing.  One day as the sun dropped low in the sky it did not freeze so heavily; the next day the thaw was greater.  On the follwing day great masses of ice broke free from the river banks and were carried away down stream.  It is true there was a certain jamming and crowding and blocking, but this was only temporary, for at last the thaw had come to stay.

Somtimes it seems the way of man is very much after this fashion.  If the new birth is not instantly accomplished and made he goes back and forth between the unreality and reality of Life, and at certain moments the unreality seems more real and solid than the reality.

The great blocks of ice frozen again and again to each other, seem more real than the soft lush breeze of spring that is loosening them and freeing the year into new birth, but no matter what the appearance, from the moment of the first thaw--from the moment of the first recognition of the Presence of God and the establishing of the Divinity within, the movement is in a definite and direct line of freedom.

"Stand fast and see the salvation of the Lord" (Law).  It is not difficult to understand why Jesus insisted that we "Judge not from the appearance but judge righteous judgment."  The mere fact that the "freezing" takes place every night 1 is enough to nullify all the power recognized in the 'thaw."  Unless you follow the way of Jesus Christ you will return to the bondage of former belief and find yourself "fast" in the winter of discontent. 2  

There is a glorious song of freedom within the Consciousness of the Presence of God within; no matter what the outside conscious belief is doing, while it is spending whatever energy you have given to it.  Remember that the moment you have broken with the apperance as real, and discovered your divinity within, you have cut the life-stream from this manifestation.  From that time it has only the energy you have formerly given it upon which to subsist

1. (the "night" is the expression of suffering that takes place in our flesh; whether that be in the form of sin, trials or tribulations)  2.(this is where most Christians live because they are putting faith in the outward works instead of the inward reality)

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